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Do VPN’s hide your search history?

Who can see your search history? Under a standard network setup, you may be surprised to learn who can see your search history. Your browsing data is certainly more vulnerable on shared public Wi-Fi hotspots, but even at

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Beginner’s guide to the dark web

In this article, we’ll explore what the dark web is and how to access it safely. What is the dark web? The internet—and the devices we use to access it—are more interconnected than ever. In the real world,

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Anonymous data

What is anonymized data? Companies and organizations anonymize or de-identify data about its customers’ behavior and interests by removing information that could directly be linked back to an individual. This includes names, addresses, and credit card details. Other

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What are web bots?

Bots are automated computer software programmed to perform tasks humans deem repetitive and time-consuming, such as website indexing and customer service. They’re very useful, so much in fact that more than half of all internet traffic is made

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How to delete your Facebook account

Well, for those of you who are bold enough to sacrifice Facebook for a little more internet privacy, this tutorial will teach you how to permanently delete your Facebook account. The difference between deleting and deactivating a Facebook

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Protect yourself from phone monitoring

Anyone can monitor others using a type of software known as stalkerware. Stalkerware is a form of commercially available spyware that lets you monitor people you have a personal relationship with. While stalkerware is most commonly used for

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Keep private while shopping

Shoppers have begun to expect that their online shopping habits are being tracked or monitored. But what about at physical stores?  Turns out, technology hidden in physical shops collects customer data by snooping on sensors in their smartphones Bluetooth beacons Bluetooth

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Anonymous operating systems

There is a strong anonymity trend in the IT world right now. Now you have to be anonymous even to download a popular music album! Almost any browser nowadays has the “anonymous” button, and Chrome includes a VPN app in

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Social Media Fingerprint

Most likely, you have used such a common function as authorization via social media, leaving a comment or creating a personal account on any website. In this case, you have simply given an Internet pages a permission to

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Can my phone be hacked?

Why We Should Care About Phone Hacking One of the most common ways hackers get access to your personal information is by hacking your phone. A hacker could do this by installing a malicious app on your phone

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