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[question]How long will my order take?[/question]
[answer]As soon as you create your domain order it will be registered straight away.[/answer]

[question]How long have you been in business?[/question]
[answer]We started our company back in 2009 and have been running stong ever since.[/answer]


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[question]Why should I choose Your Company?[/question]
[answer]We have been in business since 2009 and can be trusted to handle your domain registration.[/answer]

[question]Which services do you provide?[/question]
[answer]We provide shared, reseller and cloud hosting services along with domain registration.[/answer]


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[question]Which domain TLD is best to register?[/question]
[answer]We recommend registering a .com if it’s available. If not a .net domain is a good second option.[/answer]

[question]Which type of support do you provide?[/question]
[answer]You can contact us for support using email, tickets or social media.[/answer]



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